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Sydney is the largest city in Australia, and the state capital of New South Wales. Sydney has a metropolitan area population of approximately 4.4 million and an area of approximately 12,000 square kilometres. Its inhabitants are called Sydneysiders, and Sydney is often called “the Harbour City”.

Sydney is a remarkably easy city to move around in. An excellent train, bus and ferry service covers all points of the greater metropolitan area. Roadways, although congested in peak hour times, are generally well planned and driving is not too harrowing an experience.

The settlement of Sydney is said to have begun on the afternoon of 26 January 1788, when the 11 ships of the “First Fleet” dropped anchor at Sydney Cove, one of the loveliest harbours in the world. But the human cargo that arrived in those ships was not lovely. The aim was not to build a great city, but to establish a prison settlement for British convicts. Soldiers and prisoners worked to carve out a rough and ready settlement, using European knowledge and ignoring the skills of the local people who had lived in this place for so long, and who were now being decimated by new European diseases. On several occasions the little settlement came close to starvation.

Today, there are clear signs of these early years in the landscape of the City of Sydney. The original tracks hewn through the bush form some of the city’s main thoroughfares. The eastern, “official” side of the original settlement still contains the buildings that denote power and control – government offices, the governor’s residence, the houses of parliament. In the historical imagination, the old convict barracks near Hyde Park still reverberate with the swish of the lash and the clang of the chain gangs. At Sure Harvest we’re not lost in the great history behind a city like Sydney.

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