Mortgage Brokers

So why use a Mortgage Broker?

The simple equation to using a mortgage broker is;

great can do attitude + effective action = happiness, joy and success.

A good mortgage broker’s success is tided in with your success. The more income you make then potentially the more income the mortgage broker can make. The relationship is so flexible that the mortgage broker doesn’t even have a retainer. A professional mortgage broker is competitive and provide you with choice, not just in loan products but in loan strategies.

To expand on this idea the local supermarket doesn’t have the attitude or the courage to tell you that you can buy better quality bread at the corner store, just like a bank or another broker won’t tell you that you can receive appropriate home loan strategies from a Sure Harvest mortgage broker / authorised credit representative. The Sure Harvest team is behind you as the consumer to support you in making satisfying financial decisions to help you win. We have the same goal in mind, which is for you to be successful.

Sure Harvest aligned mortgage brokers have the ability to educate you to understand that MONEY IS A TOOL. Tools are useless unless you know how to use them properly.

Using an accredited or certified Mortgage Broker will ensure you receive professional and timely credit advice. You will be confident the information you are provided is held privately and securely. The credit advice you receive is sound and appropriate to your credit goals and objectives. These are the actions required to achieve financial success.

Using a licensed mortgage broker will also ensure you have access to an external professional body to resolve complaints if necessary. A licensed mortgage broker also provides you with an independent subjective and/or objective review of over a range loan products from banks, credit unions, mortgage managers and other credit providers. This may provide you access the most competitive products in the market at the time.

Sure Harvest and it’s credit representatives are licensed through Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Be sure that your credit provider also adheres to the guidelines set for appropriate responsible lending by ASIC and are part of a professional association such as Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA). This ensures the advice you receive is sound.

A Sure Harvest Mortgage Broker makes choosing an appropriate mortgage from hundreds/thousands of options simple. Get in contact with us today to save money and time! Work along side someone who has the right attitude, and can put strategies into action to allow you to financially succeed in any economic situation.

Obtain a no obligation online assessment today! Or be informed by us with regards to recent interest rate decisions.