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It is important to belong. There is an English proverb which goes like; “Birds of a feather flock together”.

Simply this refers to the people you spend the majority of your time with you will begin to develop share attitudes, ambitions, goals and aspirations. This is essential to your financial success. You will begin to aspire and develop traits and financial habits of those around you. Belonging to the Sure Harvest community you will develop and strengthen your Financial IQ.

Using social media can be you initial stepping stone to meeting people with the same or similar attitudes to money.

Start by adding Sure Harvest as a friend on Facebook and stay in touch with us on our Official Fanpage. Feel free to make comments.

Mortgage Broker Mentor Program – Mentoring Guidelines.

Under MFAA membership requirements, an applicant with less than 2 years experience (over the past five years) in mortgage lending, mortgage broking or finance broking, must be nominated for membership by another member (or member’s representative) who undertakes to mentor (or ensure the mentoring of) the applicant (mentee) until they have had at least 2 year’s experience.

A mentee is not bound to the same mentor during the mentoring period, subject to all mentors satisfying the MFAA criteria and the MFAA being advised of the new mentor.

Get Started With No Overheads!

Building a career with us will give you the edge when it comes to a professional mortgage broking career.

You will have our website to use to give you a professional image, business cards ready to go and a large number of suburb keyword landing pages on our Find a Mortgage Broker ( at no cost ) to assist you with building a successful loan book.

When you are up and going and can apply for Full Member Status with the MFAA, and you want to brand your own name, then we will gladly transfer your clients to your loan book.

We are committed to the training & development of all of the mortgage brokers in our network, so they can then generate a successful client book.

We have been mentoring brokers for a few years now and we’ve seen people enter the industry from a wide variety of backgrounds. We have seen many enter the industry part-time, with others leaping in feet first.

Here are a few observations which we have made over this time.

  1. For those thinking to enter the industry full-time, please ensure that you have the financial resources to see out 1 full year with little or no income. This doesn’t meant that you won’t make money in the first year. BUT, it does give you a safeguard and allows you to proceed without the stress or pressure of having to replace your income immediately. Remember that this business is built over time and the major benefits come from having built a solid client base and a long term trailing income. However, Sure Harvest has built in systems to to ease you into a full-time role at different levels of risk and ownership.
  2. For those who are entering part-time, set yourselves goals and targets to where you can leave your current employment and start full-time in this field. While we are mentoring you, we will help you to meet these goals. But without those goals, we’ve seen many brokers who exist in a limbo between their day job and their broking business. Yes, working in your business to get loans approved is important, but you need to spend time working ON your business, in order to get it to a position where you can take it to the next level.
  3. The most successful brokers we have mentored are those who are open to new ideas and are willing to put themselves out there. The role of the mentor is to help you to find ways to grow your mortgage broking business, but all of our coaching and suggestions are useless unless they are acted upon. Take yourself out of your comfort zone and find new opportunities. Socialise, network and meet people – this is how you grow your business – with people. You may hear us asking you about your elevator statement.
  4. Think customer service first. Your clients should come first every time. Look after them, keep in contact with them and don’t wait for them to call you. Create a successful partnership with them and they will stay with you and they will then recommend you to others. Customer Service is what will set you apart for the crowd brokers and professional brokers.
  5. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use as much or as little of our support to build your business. Don’t rely on just your own abilities. Use our strengths to build yourself a niche and solid client base.

Submit your details below to start conversing with our team and understand the basics before applying or our mentor program.

Understanding your why?

Knowing what drives you is fundamental to you becoming a successful professional mortgage broker. The reason for doing what you do must be bigger than yourself as it is this passion what will drive you when times get tough.

How can you discover your why?

This is simple, if money was no object what would you be doing? This will give you the realisation that what you are about to do is something bigger than yourself.

As a business we are determined to demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility and have projects which provide for the community. These projects are designed add to our culture without any economic benefit for the business funding the project. Realise by associating with this business we are using part of the profits to support our local communities.

Submit your details below to start conversing with our team and understand the basics before applying or our mentor program. If you already have a why, then fantastic, don’t forget to tell us as it is important to your development as a mortgage broker.

Start your Mortgage Broking career off the right way by enrolling in our specialised Certificate IV in Mortgage Broking Course, this is the minimum standard requested of the industry. It is advised you at least start on this level.

Please be aware due changes in the future to provide the idea of responsible lending education will become paramount to the defence of a professional mortgage broker.

The following link will provide a list of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) where you can complete the require Certificate IV course.

List of RTOs

Please note if you would like a recommendation on which RTO of TAFE to use please be in contact with our mentor program. It helps to have someone experienced help you navigation through the the requirements of the education.

Upon completing the basic industry requirements an additional MFAA compliance pack is required to meet the minimum education standards of the MFAA.

The following a breakdown of the course.

The Initial Compliance Pack (inc AML/CTF eAccreditation) is designed for new students only.

The module is divided into 4 sections:

Section 1 – Literacy Assessment

Section 2 – Numeracy Assessment

Section 3 – Understanding of Legislation

– Privacy Act
– Trade Practices Act / Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act
– Code of Banking Practice
– Financial Services Reform Act
– Secret Commissions Act
– Anti-Discrimination Act
– Financial Transactions Reports Act
– Foreign Investment Review Board
-requirements for lending to non-residents

Section 4 – MFAA Standards and Operating Guidelines

Section 5 – Anti-Money Laundering/Counter Terrorism Finance eAccreditation

Course Objectives

Mortgage and Finance Brokers & originators are required to comply with various legislation (ie Acts and Codes) which govern their activities as lending intermediaries. This education module is designed to assist mortgage originators in understanding and complying with the key legislation.

Use the following link to apply and complete the course today.

MFAA Initial Compliance Course

Fill in you deals below to be lead on what you need to know next to become an accredited mortgage broker.

Professional Indemnity Cover (Insurance)

All MFAA full members (especially mortgage brokers and loan originators) must be covered by, or personally have in place, Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance for no less than $1 million for any one claim and $2 million in the aggregate. The Policy should also have at least 12 months PI ‘run-off’ cover. Check with your PI insurer to ensure you are appropriately covered. Please some lenders actually now require $2 million for any one claim and at least $4 million in aggregate.

For individual membership applicants, a PI certificate showing your name and/or your employer’s name is acceptable. You may need to ask your employer for a copy of the current PI certificate to attach to your application. This can be discuss with the Sure Harvest team as to your requirements.

Where your name or your employer’s name is not noted on the PI certificate, you must provide written evidence from either the PI Insurer or the Insured showing you are covered under an alternative PI Insurance policy.

Using you team you may obtain up to 30% off your PI insurance. As you perform well within our system we may even cover your PI cost for you.

PI Run-Off Cover

As professional indemnity (PI) insurance is on a ‘claims made’ basis, you need always to be holding a PI policy when a claim is made. In this industry, potentially claims could be made some years after a loan is taken out and the insured may no longer be in the industry or may have moved to a different aggregator group under a different PI cover from the one which existed when the loan was taken out. In these situations the broker/loan writer may not be covered for the claim.

While this may not be an issue of urgency now if you are operating under a current PI policy, it could impact you, in respect of claims made well after the event, if you subsequently leave the industry, or perhaps have changed PI policies over the past few years. The way to overcome this and not be exposed to claims coming ‘down the track’ is to take out ‘run-off’ cover.

It is an MFAA policy that all full members should have at least 12 months PI ‘run-off’ cover (check with your insurer to ensure you are appropriately covered). Note: All Surety & General, Endeavour Insurance and Scott & Broad PI policy holders now have 84 months (7 Years) Statutory Run-Off cover for the insured entity for no additional premium.

You have all most completed the requirements to become a mortgage broker. However, feel free to discuss your situation with our mortgage broker mentors.

External Dispute Resolution (EDR) Scheme

All MFAA full members (especially mortgage brokers and loan originators) must:

Hold membership of COSL or be covered by COSL membership OR Belong to an alternative External Dispute Resolution (EDR) Scheme as is approved by COSL.

A copy of the current COSL membership certificate must be attached to the application, or, where membership of another EDR is held, proof of membership and written approval by COSL must be attached. Your Sure Harvest mentorcan assist in this, however, it is recommend you do how your own COSL cover. For individual applicants, a COSL certificate showing your name and/or your employerís name is acceptable. Where you are a contractor/representative of a COSL member, please provide a copy of the COSL Schedule of Nominated Contractors/Agents, which shows you are included under a specific COSL membership. You may need to ask the COSLmember for a copy of this Schedule. Note you are aware what structure you have negotiate with the team at Sure Harvest and your specific mentor as to your set up.

If you are working on behalf of more than one business, you may need to apply for COSL membership for yourself.

The following links will take you to recommended EDR schemes;

Credit Ombudsman Service Limited (COSL)

Financial Ombudsman Services (FOS)

National Police Check & Credit Check

Now it time to identify your past history. These checks are designed to determine the type of individual you are in terms of you criminal history or lack of history and how you conduct yourself in the manner of servicing credit.

From time to time National Police Checks can take up to 6 weeks to produce. Credit Reports may take up to 3 weeks. Therefore, we suggest organise these while you are squaring away everything else.

Membership applicants must provide a certified copy* of this document with their application to MFAA. This document must be dated no earlier than three months prior to this application for membership, and must have the original certifier’s signature on it – we cannot accept documents where the certifier’s signature has been photocopied.

*Certified copy: signed by JP, legal practitioner (barrister or solicitor), notary public, a registered medical practitioner (doctor), member of the police force, dentist, pharmacist, an accountant who is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, the Australian Society of Accountants, or the National Institute of Accountants.

Where the applicant is a company, partnership, business or firm, all directors, partners and principals directly engaged in the business must provide this document.

MFAA will refuse membership to an applicant if they have been convicted of offences involving fraud or dishonesty in the previous 10 years of the date of their application date.

To assist with the process work with one of our experience mortgage broker mentors. Contact us to organise your paperwork efficiently.

Where to Obtain A Police Check

Company & Link

Telephone 1300 658 303
RISQ Group Pty Ltd 02 9392 8810

State Police Department


ACT 02 6202 3333
New South Wales 02 8835 7888
Northern Territory 08 8922 3723
Queensland 07 3364 6854
South Australia 08 8204 2455
Tasmania 03 6230 2111

Victoria 03 9247 5907
Western Australia 08 9222 1231

MFAA membership applicants must provide a credit check which is dated no earlier than three months prior to application for membership. Where the applicant is a company, partnership, business or firm, this document must be provided for the nominated representative.

Where to Obtain A Credit Check

Company & Link Telephone
Veda Advantage 02 9464 6000

While you’re waiting for these reports to come in it time to organise the rest of your requirements to become a professional mortgage broker.


Congratulations, this is now the fun part to official apply with our team and become part of the Sure Harvest Mortgage Broker family. During this process we will also apply for your MFAA membership and upon complete some additional for you will be immediately able to write business with some lenders.

Donít forget to attach a copy of your current CV indicating specific experience relevant. Include referees and their contact details. The nominated representative will be the main point of contact in the business and is responsible for signing the annual membership declaration, as well as voting in elections. Your mortgage broker mentor will guide you through this section to keep it relatively simple.

If youíre under 2 years of experience youíll be required to sign with one of our Certified MFAA Mentor with their mentoring agreement

Upon success your mentor will complete Sure Harvest Aggregator Originator membership forms with you. These enable you access to Intellectual Property of Sure Harvest to it fullest capacity for you to be successful. You will obtain access to Client Relationship Management (CRM Software), which will also form part of your audit and compliance trail. This is also part of your requirements as a mentee.

Lender Accreditations

This finalises the tasks you need to complete to become a professional mortgage broker, authorised credit representative, loan writer or professional credit adviser.

Each lender has their own requirements on how to become accredited. As you complete the requirements to become a member of Sure Harvest, you will receive passwords to access areas for you to be able to draw on the experience of our mentors.

You will learn how to handle objections and the secrets of how to build a successful client base. The access will also go through accreditations processes, lender commissions and clawbacks and how to get the most out of lender calculators.

As your mentor would have spoken to you the best way to learn is to be involved in scenarios and dealing with client cases. There is no substitute for this. If you have got this far then you are close to unlocking a great opportunity for yourself and your clients.