Welcome to Sure Harvestís technical help section. If your technical question isn’t answered below, please contact either your Internet Service Provider or call us and weíll do our best to answer your questions.

About our web site

Our Sure Harvest site consists of four major sections; Mortgage Broking, Home Loans, Business Finance and Car Loans, and Insurance. These contain all the information you need on our products and services ñ including Sure Harvestís own home loans and our broking service covering a range of different lenders. The
navigation links at the top and bottom of the screen give you access to information about Sure Harvest, including how to find us, our history, news, careers, and sponsorship projects.

Using the Sure Harvest web site

You can access the major areas of the site by using the main navigation menu to the right of the Sure Harvest logo at the top of your screen. Then, once you have navigated into a product section use the left hand navigation menus to navigate within sub-sections of the website. If you’re looking for something in particular, you can search for relevant content using the Search Box. This is located in the top right of the screen next to the ‘Member Login’ button. Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Try our site map which can be accessed from on the bottom of every page. Clicking on our logo will take you back to the Sure Harvest homepage.

Using our Calculators

If you are having trouble using our calculators, you need to have your browser set to enable both Flash and all forms of Java. Look in your browser’s Tools or Preferences settings. If still having problems, your Internet Service Provider should be able to help.