About Us

Who is Sure Harvest?

Sure Harvest is an education based finance business. It is a dynamic business looking to lift the
Financial IQ of its staff and it’s members. Sure Harvest mortgage brokers and consultants are all fully trained, qualified and approved in the Mortgage Industry. They are committed to constantly increasing their skills through continuous professional development. People and relationships are a key factor to building any business and at Sure Harvest we value all of our clients and their individual finance needs. This allows you to get the personalised training that is appropriate to your home loan and financial goals in life.

The business was developed after years of mortgage brokers working in the industry to find that clients were not be educated to under the principles of money. The Sure Harvest founders saw that client would get into debt, live it up and then struggle to recoup from the financial stress they were under. No matter whether your income is $1 or $1,000,000 we still encounter the same issues with money. What should I do with it? Sure Harvest aim for you to develop a purpose and understanding with respect to money.

Sure Harvest believes in businesses impacting and giving back to its local communities. To read more about some the projects we’re participating in using the following link Corporate Social Responsibility Projects.

Our Management
Sure Harvest firmly believes as a business we are lead by our clients needs. However, this doesn’t mean we lack foresight and vision. Our management team are equipped as strong leaders and decision makers. But the key to our success is the ability to teach you, the client to be a good consumer of financial products. We have discovered through our dynamic and friendly team that the consumer often lacks the knowledge to make an informed finance decision. Our management team is experienced with numerous property transactions and have a number of strategies to assist you achieve your outcomes. Sleep easy knowing the you have the high qualified individuals looking after you, whether it’s your first property purchase or add another one to the portfolio and using a series of complex trusts. Often we find ourselves educating the lenders’ assessors on how to best view your transaction because of our determination to lead our clients to success.

Our Associates
Sure Harvest will be able to put you in touch with like-minded professionals such as solicitors, conveyancers, valuers, quantity suveyors, buyers agents and real estate agents. Each play their role in your financial success. We look at creating win-win partnerships, s our success will be your success.

As your wealth develops we understand you will require the same quality service from accountants and financial planners. We have strategic alliances with like-minded financial professional to help continue to grow in your financial success.

Our Team
Sure Harvest is committed to growing a team to be able to service all communities in Austraila. If you are passionate to assist others in understanding how to release them from the “death grip” of a mortgage, then please contact us to see whether you would be suitable to be part of the team. Our service commitment provides you with a contact person at all stages with in the loan process. From seedling stages where you thinking about it or to completion stage when you’re about to complete paying your personal bad debts and you’re ready to reclaim your title.

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